Thursday, April 28, 2011

Checkin Out

I am typing this from the couch in my living room...of the house that I have lived for the last 9 years. The house that I purchased as a single parent with my little boy back in 2002. The house that I lived in when my life changed from chaotic flurry of a woman searching to fill gaps in her life that were not being fulfilled by the lifestyle I was living. The house I was living in when I met my husband. Where we sat together on the couch and watched movies and ate Starbucks Java Chip ice cream while dating. The house in which we remodeled together to make our own. The first home that our 2nd child has lived in. This place, although small and busting at the seams...has served its purpose well and we have worn our own paths into its floors. Our finger prints are on every wall. There has been yelling in the home...there has been loving in this home...there has been learning in this home. Alas...this house must come to an end for us. Although these walls and windows know our stories and hold many memories...our home is where the 4...soon to be 5 of us...are together. We look forward to packing up in the morning and making the official move to our new home. Our new adventure. New places and rooms to mess. New places to places to trees and grounds outside to explore. This new home has been built entirely by all of us. It wasn't mine to begin with, and then adopted a husband and birthed a new child. This new house has been a labor of love where every decision was made by us. Every lightswitch was thought through...every shelf was placed where we want it.

I can not wait to enter the doors of our new home tomorrow....

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  1. How exciting! While I don't envy the actual packing and moving part, I actually love the unpacking part. Finding a home for all of your stuff, making your new home all yours... LOVE IT. Have fun and enjoy every second of it.