Friday, April 15, 2011

Paint Colors Chosen

I thought I would give you a sneak peek at the color palette chosen for the new house.

All of our paint was purchased from Sherwin Williams. The color chip photos on this post are from their website.

Our first color is "Kestrel White". This is the color of all of our trim through the entire house, as well as our doors and our closets. It looks like a dirty white in this picture, but really is a very crisp clean white in person.
 "Dhurri Beige" is the color for all the walls and the bathroom in our basement. Frankly, I spent so much time on the upstairs colors, that I got to basement and said " pick". It is a very nice color though.
 These 3 colors are the main color palette of the home.
The lightest shade is "On The Rocks". This is the color of all of our hallways and our entry way.
The second shade of grey is "Knitting Needles". This is the color of our Kitchen and Dining Room. With an exception of 1 accent wall in our Dining room. We did the fireplace wall in the 3rd shade of grey.
The 3rd shade of grey is "Pewter Cast". This is the color for our great room, and the accent wall of our dining room.
 "Plum Dandy" is the color of our guest bathroom right off of our entry way. My husband thinks this color is hideous. His description is..."It looks like Barney sat on the toilet and..." um yeah...that. I was going to change the color, but I am actually starting to like it. When I chose the color for this room I wanted to choose something bold and girlie. I was a good girl and chose neutral tones through out the rest of the home since I am surrounded by all boys. I think I accomplished bold and girlie. :)
 "Pool House" is the color for the little boys' room. I wanted a shade of blue that wasn't too dark...and wasn't too baby blue. It is actually a lot darker on the walls than I had imagined. It still looks nice though.

"Smokey Blue" is the color for Xavier's bedroom. I did mean for this to be a darker shade of blue, since he is 12. I chose this shade because the paint chip looks like it has quite a bit of grey to it. However...suprisingly..."Smokey Blue" looks lighter on the walls than the above "Pool House". Xavier is actually not happy about the turnout at all. He proclaims it is too girlie of a color. At this point...we have a lot of time and money wrapped in the painting. I really wish we could do it over for him so that he would be happy, but it just isn't realistic at this moment.
Our bedroom is an "Aqua Tint". We took in a pillow from our new bedding set and had them match it. Then we had them take the color down to 50% of the matched color. So...the color in our master bedroom and bathroom is 50% of the blue in this bedding. The bedding is from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.
My 2 favorite colors in this house are "Pewter Cast" and the "Aqua Tint" that we created. I love how everything flows so nicely.

A couple of renovation tips. No matter how professional you believe your painter sure to go through the home with them and insist that everything is written down. Check in on them frequently, don't hesitate to go over the colors again. If you don't do might show up one day and find them painting your entry way this color:
Although "Rustic Adobe" is a nice is definitely NOT what I had chosen for the front entry way. Whew! Boy was a glad I walked in at the right time!

Another mishap that occured just husband called to ask what color I had chosen for the laundry room. I told him it was supposed to be the same "Aqua Tint" color that is in our bedroom. What the paint store sent was more of a Aqua Marine.
Good thing it is still a fresh clean color and will fit quite nicely in a laundry room. No time for redo's..we are going with it.

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  1. I love the colors you have chosen! Nice job. I can't wait to see it all on the walls!

  2. Love this color palette. Not usually a fan of blue, but the grey tones make it nice. I know this is at least two years old and probably finished. So, How do you love it?