Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Annie & Isabel

The title of this post itself makes me feel good. "My Annie & Isabel". I feel so connected with the 2 owners of this company that I truly feel that they have joined in and became a part of the intimate experience of the birth of our 3rd son. On Wednesday, May 11, at 11:19 AM I gave birth by cesearean to James Harrison Miller III.

For the actual surgery I wore the standard over used and abused hospital issued gown. Right before I went in for surgery I showed my operating room (OR) nurse my gown. I wanted her to know that I had it, because she had mentioned that they would change my gown before taking me to my permanent room after recovery room. She was in awe of course!

After my beautiful birth exerience...and my recovery room time was fulfilled...I finally got to put on my Annie & Isabel "Annie" gown. I instantly felt special with it on. Another way to make my hospital experience special and unique to me. Not just another mom, delivering another baby, in the average hospital issued gown. Who doesn't like to feel special on such a wonderful day?! I was larger than life, swelled up with fluid, amped up on pain meds, hair a hot frizzy uncombed mess...but yet I still felt pretty, unique, and special in my Annie & Isabel gown.

Thank you ladies for creating such an awesome product! We know you did so with absolute love and care for those that would potentially be wearing your gowns!

*This is an unpaid, unsolicited review. Which means...I bought the gown myself. Wore it without prompting....and publicly reviewed it just because I wanted to...and because I believe that much in the product. In doctor loved the product so much that I suggested to her that they should put the Annie & Isabel brochures into their newly pregnant welcome bags that each woman gets at the doctors office. After conversing with A&I...they sent me a pack of brochures, which I delivered to my doctor! I kind of felt like I was getting to pay it forward by sharing with other women.*


  1. Janelle,

    What a beautiful post!! Thank you so much for such nice words about our hospital gowns. You looked beautiful in the "Annie" and your boys are adorable:-) It has been such a pleasure getting to know you through twitter!!

    Anna & Selena