Thursday, September 29, 2011

Newborn Sneak Peek

Hooray!! We finally have internet! After nearly 5 months in our new home in the country, we finally got hooked up! In other housekeeping has depleted as I have been consuming the internet like #5 from "Short Circuit" takes in books. We are leaving in a few days for a week long trip to Colorado, so I won't have time yet to dedicate to getting my blog cleaned up and back in proper running. I wanted to give you a quick sneak peek at a post I will soon be doing about our newborn photo shoot experience with His & Hers Photography from Adel, Iowa. It was amazing! Here is our little peanut at just 4 days old. He is now 4-1/2 months old!

I know...I still can't stop looking at the pictures. Ah...May....ZING!!!


  1. Oh. my. deliciousness! Can't wait to see more! Congrats again, friend!

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures! Darcie took our family pictures back in March and she does an amazing job! Love her!