Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vintage Chairs Getting New Life

I recently purchased these 2 vintage wing back chairs. The fabric is pretty neat as is...well that is if it wasn't tattered, torn, and completely not matching the rest of my house.

I love the shape of these chairs!

So I am back to the great fabric hunt. I plan to put these 2 chairs on either side of our great room fireplace. In this room we have Sherwin Williams Pewter Cast on the walls (dark Grey), dark brown leather furniture, turquoise, mustard yellow, dark charcoal, and silver accents. In an extremely funky world...I would choose some ultra smokin hot pink fabric. But lets remember that I am queen of the house of BOYS! I don't think they would be embraced well in my home. And it is also quite the investment. Even though I paid $25 for the pair...I will need 10-1/2 yards of fabric...and fabric could be $10/yard on up! Not to mention what I will pay to the upholsterer to have them professionally done. Yes, I know...I could probably go to the store and buy 2 chairs for less than I will have into this project. But the end result wouldn't be nearly as satisfying! I purchased this chair...

And when I got it, the print was an 80's pink & blue flowers print. This sits next to my dining room fireplace. So I don't want to choose solid grey again.

Here are a few fabrics I have found when searching

Can you tell which 2 I am leaning towards? One of these fabrics is $27.98 per yard! Ouch!

Also, keep in mind that the room these chairs will go in, already has bold prints on the wall. Remember the fabric canvas art I created?

Here is the fireplace they are going on either side of.

Thanks for your input! I love chatting with you ladies about design! I have also started a Facebook page called: Janelle's Inspiration Finds
There is some discussion already started on there about this project.


  1. Check out Joann's, They have 50% off sales regularly, you might be able to save a bundle getting these chairs redone!

  2. I love the color scheme!

    I gave you a little blog award today. You can stop by and check it out. :-)