Thursday, January 5, 2012

Harrison 8 Month Update

Harrison will be 8 months old on January 11th. Can't really fathom it. What I need to record is this:

At 6 months old, early November, he broke his first 2 teeth! The bottom front. It wasn't too horrible of an ordeal. I think he is in the beginning stages of getting his top 2 teeth right now. Lets hope that gets accomplished before I go to Blissdom.

Since the time change early November he has stopped sleeping through the night. He now gets up once or twice even to nurse. He still sleeps in the rock 'n cradle right next to our bed. Actually...I have tried to move him to the crib...but that isn't working out very hot. I didn't read the fine print on the rock 'n cradle when I got says you shouldn't make this your childs main place to sleep. I now see why. He loves to be cuddled, cradled. The cradle does that. The crib, not so much. Any ideas for me would be helpful!

Around this same 6 month time period he started rolling, and eventually army crawling any where his little body could take him. On Thanksgiving day he started full throttle crawling! That would be 6 months and 2 weeks old. He can get himself to the sitting up position..but he still keeps one arm holding him propped up. He can't seem to get the courage to let go of that one arm keeping him stable.

Right before Christmas he started saying "Da-Da". Figures right? has nursed you, changed you, etc for the last 8 month! That was my original thought...but then my second more sensible thought was this: If hearing his son say Daddy..helps him have the motivation to work hard for his that I get to stay home and raise them...then so be it. On this past Sunday, 1-1-12, he said "Bubba" at church. Bubba is what Xavier & River have been teaching him. Later that day he finally said "Ma Ma". 

Harrison still exclusively breastfeeds. We have tried rice cereals and baby foods. He doesn't like any of them. I have mentioned this on Facebook before...and I get a trillion people thinking it is because he can't. I know he can...because he has a couple of times. What he does he starts gagging BEFORE the spoon ever even gets to his mouth! The "don't make me eat that disgusting stuff or I will make myself puke" kind of gagging. He also does not take any form of bottle. Doesn't matter what kind of bottle, or what is in the bottle...he absolutely refuses. I also have people tell me "If he is hungry enough he will take it". Really? How long shall I starve him? I have tried letting him be somewhat hungry....but it doesn't matter. I have just decided to roll with it. It really isn't a big issue...except that James & I are limited to 3 hour dates. I don't plan to leave him overnight until he is at least a year old.
and could I be mad at this? 

He is the absolute most dreamy, happy, smiley baby I have ever met. Everyone who meets him says the same. He is an absolute joy to be around. And as the picture states will be ok! We are just rolling with it. Basking in the joy of being with him so much during these itty bitty days. Because I know those days are short, and soon he will be running after our 3 year old! 

Did I use the term itty bitty to describe Harrison?  Yeah...he is 20 pounds! His rolls have rolls! Not sure on his length. He was 36 inches tall at his 6 month appointment. I love his chubbiness. If only someone would say the same thing about me? :)

Mostly everyone calls him Harrison. Xavier and one of my nephews call him Harry. I am not opposed to calling him Harry. I just seemed to have stuck with Harrison. When his great grandpa met him for the first time (whom he is named after James Harrison Miller) he kept saying..."Harrison, that is a good name, just don't let them call you Harry". Great Grandpa Jim is 93 years old. He is highly opinionated. He is a super cute old man. He was absolutely tickled that we named him after him. Sometimes I even forget that Harrison's first name is James. Sometimes I call him Baby James. A lot of people tell me that he looks a lot like me. Then people say he looks just like River & James. He is a perfect blend.

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  1. Does the rock n' cradle come apart so you can put the part he sleeps in INSIDE his crib?

    We had that problem with Courtney when she was a baby. She would sleep GREAT in her car seat, and hated her crib. Our doctor suggested putting the card seat inside the crib so she got used to the surroundings. Over a few weeks, we started leaving her in her crib more without the car seat. It worked!