Saturday, February 18, 2012

My 33rd Birthday: The Decor

Since my birthday is February 8th and it is so close to Valentine's Day, I chose Black, White, Lavender, Pink, Red color scheme. The anchor was black & white damask table runners, layered on top of white table cloths. Then lavender and pink roses. You will see more of the color brought in on my food post. I LOVE these mercury glass candle holders. Three of them cost $15 a piece at World Market, two of them I paid $6 each at Target and they match perfectly!

I found wine corks at The Pottery Barn. It was a bag of 50 for $24. I stacked and hot glued them, and added a curled piece of wire to the tops to create placeholders. Since we didn't have formal seating for a dinner at this party, I used the placeholders to create little signs all over the place for the party. 

 Not only did I thank my guests...but I also put little notes up around telling people where the food came from at the party, or what was in drinks that were served.

 I also put business cards out for the bakery that made a bunch of the goodies. Where the food comes from is always a topic at I thought I would make it easier for everyone. Plus...I really like to give people kudos where it is deserved. I didn't get fact I paid for the food. Nothing was donated. I really wish there was more of giving kudos "just because" in this world.
I found this box of conversation starters at a local shop. I don't think they were touched...but they will be great to set on the table when we have company over for dinner. I set up little tables throughout the house for drinks/food to rest on. All of the chairs were pulled away from the tables and kitchen island to create conversation areas. 
 After the party was over, I used the flowers that were on my cake to create a new centerpiece for my dining table. I wouldn't dare let all of those beautiful roses go to waste!
Lavender roses were my wedding flower. My favorite. Love.

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