Saturday, February 25, 2012

My 33rd Birthday: The Drinks

 I turned our dining room table into a drink station. We had water, wine, and spiked slushies on this table.
 The wine: we had a moscato, a shiraz, and 2 bottles of Tassel Ridge "Red, White, & Blue"..which tastes like Welches grape juice! Every last drop of the Red White & Blue was drank. Only 1 glass of shiraz was drank....and the moscato was not even opened!
 The centerpieces: We have a tall glass vase which was borrowed from a friend who is having their wedding soon. The flower arrangement was red, but I used purple floral paint to paint over them. The result was an iridescent affect! I then hung crystals from the bottom of the floral arrangement, put a ribbon about 3/4 of the way down...and filled the bottoms of the vases with candy hearts.
 At the far end I have a punch bowl (bought from the local Salvation army for $6!). In it there is 1 can of pineapple frozen juice, 1 can of frozen orange juice, 4 cups vodka. This was all frozen ahead of time. Then you pour 7-Up over it at the end! The problem was that my mixture didn't fully freeze. I was told to put the vodka in before I froze the mix...but alcohol really doesn't freeze well. I was then told that I added TOO much vodka...which is why it didn't freeze. Go figure. It still tasted great though!
 Since this was a spa themed water, I did a refreshing cucumber orange water. Just water with cucumber and orange slices in it! The result is very refreshing! This was a huge hit and every last drop was drank!

 Next we have the beer. My husband has recently started brewing his own beer. In a short amount of time he has become quite good at it. Anything that my husband decides to do...he does to the extreme. If he is going to take the time to do something...he is going to do it well. So he makes kegs instead of bottling individual bottles. Although he has the capability to bottle as well. We have this vintage fridge which we purchased for next to nothing. It is in perfect working condition and even had the original manual!
 He then drilled some holes on the front and the turn the fridge into a tap for the kegs! We are going to do a chalkboard paint on the front to create nicer labels soon! Right now he has an Imperial Stout, and Octoberfest (girly beer) and just plain ol' Root beer. It all tastes amazing!
 We can even put all of his frosty mugs right into the freezer of this fridge!
Next we have pop! Just bought some fancy flavored sodas from the grocery store!
I found this drink bin at The Pottery Barn. I love the galvanized tub, the stand and most of all the built in bottle opener!
If you are going to have drinks in ice...make sure you keep a towel handy for your guests to wipe down their bottles!

Next post will be about...The pampering!

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  1. Seriously?? The beer brewer is going to make both our husbands jealous!