Monday, July 2, 2012

Family of Five Summer Life

James ~ Preparing for a 2 week missions trip to Africa. Will be in Nairobi & Kisumu, Kenya. Working for our cleaning and restoration business. Micro-Brewing. Juicing fruits and veggies.

Janelle ~ Running after 3 energetic sons. Not blogging. Thinking about blogging. Wiping noses. Wiping rears. Giving breathing treatments. Getting closer to God. Always creating and decorating. Continually starting projects before other projects are done. Many irons in the fire. Pregnant or Breast feeding 50 of the last 52 months. Sun bathing. Pool cleaning. Babies on the brain. Praise band singing.

Xavier ~ Preparing to test for his permit in August. Getting taller every day. Taller than his mama! Training or wrestling. Running. Mending his heart from the loss of his best friend. Growing closer to God. Working for our business. Hard worker. Always needs to be busy. Swimming. Strength warrior program.

River ~ Coughing. Nose blowing. "I got boogers!" "Can I have chwocowate in my milk?" "Come wipe me!" "Can I watch a oovie?" Playing in the mud and rain. Loves to have his picture taken. Loves to wrestle with his brothers. Doesn't like to swim. Loves to ride his 4-wheeler. Loves playing with kids!

Harrison ~ Coughing. Nose running. "Up?", "Tay Tu (Thank you)", "Teekado (Peekaboo)", "Ra Ra (River)", "Bubba (Xavier)". Loves his daddy to pieces. Still nursing. Almost done nursing. "What's this?", "mmm". Signs "More" and "all done". Loves running from tickles. Still not a stable walker, wabbles around.

Pippin ~ Rabbit hunting. Beagle howling. Lazy sleeping. Always loving.

Lexie ~ Bird killing. Rabbit hunting. Puppy chewing everything. Happy. Ouchie playful biting. Puppy school drop out.

Easter 2012, this is as closer as we got to all looking at the camera. *sigh*

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