Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Whipped

Half of my great room. More pictures to come this week. While my husband is in Africa, I have made it my goal to attempt to accomplish every single project I have hanging out in no where land in my home. This window project was one of those things! I still feel like I need more on this wall, but haven't figured it out yet. Darn, another reason to shop and scroll through Pinterest. Also...did you hear I am opening my own retail store!? Follow my Facebook page for my new store to watch the story unfold!


  1. i love it. It looks great. I agree that it needs something more, but not a lot. I love the chairs. Have I missed the story behind them? Did you refinish them?

    1. Hello Laurie! Oh..ya's only been 2 months since you posted this lovely comment. :) I still haven't added anything to this wall other than the window. Still stumped. But actually haven't really worked at coming up with a remedy either. I did pick these chairs up at $40 for the PAIR! They had this cool green retro fabric on it...which actually was cool...but it was quite tattered. So I did have them reupholstered. Gotta love Premier Prints fabric! Oh how I wish you could come over for a simple coffee...