Monday, October 8, 2012

Elevator Speech

Today I am linking up with Amy at Permission to Peruse.   Allume Social Conference Newbies are sharing about ourselves to prep us for our first Allume event!

Elevator Speech. A term I had never heard until I went to my first blog conference in February. What is it?

 That 1 minute pitch you give to someone about yourself knowing this may be the only time ever you have their attention or to make yourself known by them. Kind of like a shortened condensed "About Me" page. Who are a nutshell?

What to include? 

1. Your name, blog name, any other names you think they need to know you by.

Hi! I am Janelle, I blog at Queen of the House of Boys. I am a wife and a mother to 3 sons. I also own a retail store in Iowa called Mama's Happy Space.

2. What do you blog about?

A little bit about everything. Parenting, marriage, weight loss roller coaster. But my favorite topics are about decorating, DIY projects, Re-Purposing creations.

3. What else do you think someone should know about you?

Lately I have been finding that I have a gifting of uniting people. Whether it is uniting new families at my sons school with mentor families...or starting the Allume Conference Newbie Facebook group. I am not the best at maintaining all of my connections...but I love introducing people that I think should meet. (I think I have a post in the making here)

Another pointer I would give is to take this time to make sure your Facebook, twitter, and blog profile pictures all match. With 400 plus want to make sure people recognize you. If they are looking for a blonde shoulder length girl...and you have since grown your hair to your waist and colored it will be harder to make those on line and in real life connections click in your brain. Let's face it...I have a hard time remembering people I HAVE met! This coming from the girl who at church camp who could go head to head with the challenge of naming every single person at church camp.
This is me.
These are my 3 boys. Xavier-14, River-nearly 4, Harrison 17 months
 This is my hunky husband, James.
Mama's Happy Space is a new store opening in Grinnell, Iowa! We will be open one weekend a month. The merchandise items we will carry are: Unique home decor, Fancy Handmade Aprons, Vintage Finds, Re-Purposed Creations, AND we will be your personal Pinterest project go to gals! You may LOVE to pin away...but can only dream of actually doing a project. Hire us and we will create it for you! 

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  1. Love that you went with elevator speech! That's so cool you own a shop. Also, I have another friend that loves and is really good at connecting people. Definitely a gift!

  2. Thanks for the tip about making all of the profile pictures match. Mine don't....

  3. Thank you, Janelle, for sharing this link! I really appreciated the examples you included!

    Deb Weaver