Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{10} Things I am doing to lose weight

At the beginning of January I topped out at 240.8...again....

as of today, I am at 217. That is a loss of 23.8 pounds. I can't wait to hit the 215 mark....and then the 200...and then I am going to bust out of the 200 jail!!!

I get asked the question...What are you doing to lose the weight?...quite often...
so let me take you through a few ways I am losing the weight.

{1} I am getting up and moving. Instead of not doing any exertion whatsoever beyond daily norms. This picture was taken after coming in from playing in the snow with my 4 year old. Where I actually played, not just stand there and watch him play while I count the minutes until it is time to go back in. I mean, ran in the snow, played with the dog, shoveled a tunnel, built a snowman....built memories. I have done this several times this winter

{2} When I have to be out of the house, I make healthy choices for food. This place in DesMoines we found is a hidden treasure! It is a Juice bar called Fresh. They juice fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and make healthy meals like this meal you see here....but more on this place coming soon!

Here is another healthy eating out option. Jimmy Johns offers an "unwich". You can take any of the regular sandwiches on the menu and turn it into an unwich...they just replace the bread with large leaf lettuce. Another great thing is that you can go to their website and calculate how many calories are in what you ate! More on this later as well...
{3} At home I make healthy choices. My diet mostly consists of salads, fresh homemade versions of juicing, fruits (my favorites are braeburn apples or ruby red grapefruits plain), chicken, or eggs. I hardly every carbohydrates, dairy, or processed foods. One thing I have not given up on is my hazelnut or french vanilla International Delight coffee creamer. I drink the full fat regular kinds. I am not willing to give it up. It is my favorite part of every morning.
{4}When I prepare foods for parties or gatherings I don't just throw everything in without thinking. I deliberately think about each ingredient and its calorie impact on the food. I made these deviled eggs with plain greek yogurt instead of all the usual fillings. I used fresh dill and some Dijon mustard for flavoring. They weren't too bad. I calculated the calories to be 44 calories for each half of a egg. 
{5}Around the house....on my kitchen island I have this sign...reminding me to drink water! Some days I am great at getting all of my water in...other days not so much! But this constant reminder helps me!
{6}Pushing myself out of my comfort zone...I am pushing my body places it has never been! This picture was taken right after I had completed 10 continuous miles on my elliptical! 
{7}My octane elliptical....It has been a God send! Purchased on February 12th and it sits in my living room upstairs where I am with the boys most days. I didn't shove it in the basement...or take decorating into consideration. I put it where I knew I would have no excuses. This picture was today at the end of my 75 minute workout...8 miles! I also push myself with the level. I never do a level 1. I generally go between level 2 and level 5. I spend the most time on level 3. The Octane is a little different motion than the normal elliptical' that its motion is as close to jogging as any of the elliptical's offer. This brand is endorsed by Bob Greene who is Oprah's trainer. I purchased it from 2nd Wind in DesMoines.

I started logging my miles on February 13th. In 35 days I have completed 102.65 miles on my machine! Woah! 

 {8}Calorie counting....this is how I keep track of what I am eating and make sure I stay on track. I use the free website MyFitnessPal I am able to calculate my calories and add in my exercise, in addition to tracking my weight loss and connect with others to get and give motivation.

{9}Measuring. I just started measuring my body March 1st. I measure my waist, hips, bust, and upper thighs. In just 20 days I have lost over 9 inches!!! I so wish I had taken measurements back when I started! I am down 3 pant sizes already!

{10}Last but certainly not online support group. You can read more about why the group was started here. Two reasons this is good for me. #1, leading the group gives me motivation to keep at it and stay focused. #2, I have a private place to talk out frustrations or excitements with other people who are going through the same journey! I really love these groups! Yep...I said groups. I manage one group...and then I was invited to be a part of 2 others. All women from different areas and backgrounds...if 1 group is good...surely 3 is even better! I can't get too much support on this journey!


  1. So proud of you. I love how the internet let us encourage one and other. Keep going. I love that you are juicing. Nutrition is so much more important than the number on the scale. I am with you on the weight loss journey. Keep going!


    1. thank you! You are definitely an inspiration as well! Thank you for the encouragement! I love the feeling of knowing I am putting whole real foods in my body! A journey is more fun when you have company!