Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Dream In Chevron

These days...I see chevron patterns everywhere. I can spot them a mile away......to say it in a Niki Minaj tone (someone please tell me they know what I am talking about)...I am obsessed with Chevron.

So it is no surprise that we have added handmade chevron bags to our product list!

 Meet...the Chevron Dream Bag
 Love the size of this bag. It can hold SO much! I also love the versatility of it! Sometimes I want to hold a bag over my shoulder...but other times it is nice to be hands free!

And as much as I love this chevron bag...I think my little boys are the best accessory.

This bag can be ordered in one of 4 colors; gray, yellow, blue, and now even green!

 My mother and I have been overwhelmed by the love from others for our newest handbag. You can go to our etsy store to purchase your bag which is made to order. You will get to choose your own color! This quality handmade bag is quilted, lined with batting on the inner part of the bag, and then the interior of the bag is fully lined with a cotton blend fabric. There are 4 large pockets inside, and a heavy magnetic clasp to hold it together. While you get to choose the exterior color...the inside fabric is subject to fabric availability.

 And...can I just take a moment to tell you how amazing my mother is? This woman not only gave birth to 5 children (twins included) but she sleeps and breaths creativity. She can make anything out of nothing. Her talents are continually mesmerizing me. I love you mom and appreciate all of your hard work making all of these crazy creations I dream up!

My etsy shop has a very small sampling of the creations we make. Follow my store on Facebook to be kept in the loop about new products: https://www.facebook.com/MamasHappySpace 

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