Monday, March 25, 2013

On Grace & Weight Loss

Sometimes...there isn't anything graceful about weight-loss. The act of losing weight is grueling, tedious, sweaty, and just plain hard. There are pies you will have to say no to. There will be school projects you will have to bake for and overcome the temptation to not eat the cookies or brownies. There will be parties you will be invited to with chips and dips and burgers dripping in cheese and buttery covered onions. There will be birthdays and weddings where you will politely deny yourself that moist cake and tell the host you just aren't that avoid explaining that you are trying to watch what you eat...and that the taste of that sugar will likely send you spiraling out of control and that you are like an crack addict and don't know that you will have the will power to stop at just one homemade cream cheese mint.

Grace comes in when you have that bad day and you didn't say no. Grace is when you look in the mirror and you know how far you have come, but not sure that even another 50 pounds can erase the lines and memories your bodies holds onto of the years you  enjoyed every temptation tossed your way. If it wasn't for grace, you wouldn't, you couldn't keep going. Grace is knowing that while your body may never be model's perfect for you. And you....and you alone sweat those hours and hours on those machines. You and you alone made the decision to count every last morsel that went into your body so that you could add years onto your life with your children. Grace is knowing that those lines and marks that will never go away, were where your body once grew a baby, and those 3 babies, were brought out into this world by a knives and doctors pulling them out of your womb and into your arms. Grace is forgiving yourself. We often think about how we need to forgive others for wrong doing to us and others...but how often do we stop and forgive ourselves? Ahh...sweet I need more.

~Today I went to Lisa Jo Bakers website thinking I was going to enter a giveaway to win some beautiful art by Red Letter Words....instead I found myself encapsulated by her words in her post titled "On Showing Your Waist Grace". The writing is perfect, and it is what I needed.

And I know I’ve made my peace with this time and place when I put on my jeans and care more about their comfort than their size.-Lisa Jo Baker

Head on over and read Lisa Jo's post, you will be inspired! 

*I was in no way shape or form compensated for mentioning the writer listed above or about her giveaway. I purely loved her words and wanted to share them. I received permission from her before doing so.*

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