Monday, May 27, 2013

Things I Should Blog About but Haven't

  1. Our Napa Valley Trip
  2. Harrison's 2nd birthday
  3. Home Coffee Roasting
  4. Updates from my store
  5. Some things on my heart about the Allume Conference
  6. A special thank you post about some people that deserve it
  7. About the fact the my oldest son just had his 8th grade graduation
  8. About the fact that my husband is now the pastor of our church
  9. My thoughts on being a pastor's wife
  10. My thoughts on being a pastor's kid
  11. Homemaker's furniture in DesMoines
  12. Fresh Cafe in DesMoines

And gads of other posts that I have already written in my head...yet haven't taken the time to write. decide. Which should I blog about first?

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