Friday, August 23, 2013

Dearest Allume Roommate

Dear Natalie,

     We don't know each other...other than the fact that Logan tells me we are a match made in heaven. Which I am trusting in that judgement because I trust that Logan has a keen sense for people's hearts. So yes, we are strangers. I am going to sleep in a king size bed with someone I can't even remember the last name of. However, I am excited to see what God has in store for this matchup.

     If there is anything I have experienced in the last 3 weeks while I have been playing the Allume version of eHarmony matchup to make sure everyone has a place to sleep at is to trust the God is in this 100%. I see it every day as I watch people who have just been introduced as bunk mates become glorious friends. I see it as I have recieved emails from ladies who had no desire to share their sweet, quiet, single person rooms...and they have heart the nudging of God to step out and invite someone to share their space with. I have seen the blessings that have happened while these ladies have been obedient to Jesus' whispers to be hospital and make room at the Inn. I have heard the worry in women's hearts as they realize there are no rooms left, and then the redemption after they hear someone has made room for them. Yes, it has been a tedious job of spreadsheet making, twitter, facebook, and email scouring...but I assure you I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Have you heard that saying that "If you find a job you love it will never feel like work"...or something like that...well this has been it. It has felt busy, but not like work. I can't wait every day to help these women!

     Ok, where were we? Oh yeah....telling you who I am...well that last paragraph will be #1...Rabbit trails. I go on them. I can be talking about something and then suddenly change lanes without any warning....leaving you in the dust of my tracks. My I am a creative minded person (as I am sure many women who are bloggers also are). I am artistic, crafty, love music, and love coming up with new ideas and different ways of doing my mind is always rolling. I am married to an dreaming up new ideas never stops.

     Extrovert or Introvert....I think I am somewhere in the middle. When comes to parties and gatherings I HAVE to be there. I don't want to miss a thing. I love gatherings. I love the "eclectic sparkle" that happens when women gather. Eclectic being the gathering of people from all different walks and stories...the sparkle is what happens when they join in conversations and the unity begins to sparkle through! On the other introvert because sometimes I just need to go run away by myself for a minute. If I begin to feel overwhelmed it is almost like a claustrophobic feeling. The first thing I want to do is run to my room...shed as many clothes as acceptable to do in the given environment and just lay there for a minute. I will try my hardest to not do this clothes shedding in your presence.

     I am messy. In my college dorm room I was the messiest girl of the 4 of us. Mainly clothes. I will try and be on my best behavior. Ironically though when I stay in a hotel without my family...I somehow become organized...maybe its because I need something to take care of? Feel free to analyze me.

     My mom taught me to be resourceful. So...if you forgot something...its ok. I probably brought it...possibly even 10 of them. If I didn't bring it, I will find a way to get it for you.

     I am not a morning person. I will go to bed really late (because I don't want to miss a thing) and then I will sleep until the last second. I will have my hair done Thursday morning that I don't have to do anything with my hair the entire weekend.

     I had my first son when I was 19. From the ages of 18 to 25 I have always been me plus one.... from 25 to now I am me plus 4 with my hubby and 3 boys. When I get the chance to be by myself...I sing, I dance, I shout hallelujah from the roof top. It is possible I have too much testosterone in my body....because I have the ability to completely forget about my home when I am away by myself. I love it so much that I have booked my trip to last as long as possible. Tuesday to Tuesday....and I don't feel a bit of guilt about it.

     One of my favorite things is to shop for other people. No doubt I have already been scoping you out to see what your interests are so I can get the perfect hostess gift for you.

     I am not perfect. I don't always say the right things. Sometimes my dry wry sense of humor gets me in trouble. I usually say things out loud that most people say in their minds and don't dream about actually saying.

    I snore. I am so sorry. This is honestly why I didn't share my room last year out of fear of driving someone batty. I have lost 30 pounds since last Allume. For many reasons health wise obviously....but honestly also because I hope to not snore while I am at Allume! If I do...please feel free to wake me and tell me to roll on my side or stomach. I also sleep to white noise. Which is why in the food hall I zone out instead of interact...because the white noise of 450 voices chatting makes me want to sleep.

     I live in a house full of boys. Not much grosses me out.

     I do tend to get overly excited and talk way too much. Please feel free to remind me to come up for air and allow you to speak as well.

     Number one....this on my list of favorite things experienced in my life. I am going to be sure to soak in every minute. I have a heart that is so elated and expectant to see what miracles God has in store for us all. I eat, sleep, and drink Allume right now. And I love it.

Ok, enough about me...what about you?


  1. What a great letter to your roommate! Janelle, you so have a heart for community! You probably don't even remember me but it was very first conference last year and you made me feel so welcome! I loved going to the newbie dinner Wednesday night! Hope to see you again! If you need any help, I'd love to help out!

    1. I DO remember you! In fact, I just ran across your business card last week. I am not sure where my boys found it...but one of them brought it to me and it is now in my Bible. :) That was a great dinner! I hope to pull off a newbie dinner this year on Wednesday as well. I will be sure to let you know if we need help. There is a whole new group of newbies who will need all of the alumni's tlc as they ease into their first allume experience. :)

  2. I love this! It's making me question not telling my hubby to skooch on over to make room in our King for a 'real' roomie! Hmm... I wonder...

    1. Now that would be interesting!Maybe not quite the SOS we were looking for though! ;) I love your post as well! Thanks for the pronunciation explanation of your name!

  3. Wonderful post on Allume! God is so awesome, isn't He? Bless you!

    1. Thank you! He is so awesome that I can't even handle how awesome He is. I am seeing it now more than I have ever before!

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    1. Thanks sweetums! I can't wait to show your pictures off on my blog! :)

  5. Rock on sister! You got it goin' on. Thank you for working so hard to get things organized and put into place for all the women who will attend. May the Lord redeem your time and bless your hard work with a double portion!!