Friday, October 18, 2013

Live by Example

I thank God for giving me this example as parents of what sticking through marriage means. The good times, the bad times, the hard time, the rich times, the poor times, the healthy times, the sick times, the super trying wish you could run away times, the super rewarding love bubbling over times....all of parents have survived 50 years of marriage...they got through being 17 and 19 when they were married. They got through having twins and a 2 year old by the time they were 19 and 21 years old. They got through the times that they were not living a holy life...and they have lived through 37 years as Christians in the ministry...and still counting. As I type this my dad is in Kenya for yet another missions trip...and my mother is hard at work sewing making handbags for my upcoming Allume conference trip next week. 
 My experience with my parents is not like that of my siblings...My oldest brother is 15 years older...the twins are 12 years older...and my closest in age sister is 9 years older than I. They grew up together fighting and playing together. I grew up with what seemed like a whole lot of aunts and uncles...becoming an Aunt myself at the age of 12. They grew up during the really hard times in their marriage pre-Christianity....I grew up with my dad becoming a pastor the year I was born. I grew up looking up to my siblings thinking every move they made was so cool and I wanted to be just like them! I had our parents all to myself....while they all had to share amongst each other.

 Growing up so differently, yet we have so much in common. Each of us 5 kids are married, and we each of 3 kids. I love my family, so much. Are any of us perfect, no....but I love the imperfections as well. The years of our families growing older...and our kids beginning to branch out into adult relationships....marriages of their own and kids of their own lurking around the corners...the days and years where we see less of each other is coming closer as we all strive to hold on to our own families for as long as we can before our own children branch out and spend holidays at their in-laws homes...I will cling to these days as long as I can! Just a little longer...please! We have a cumulative of 154 years of marriage all together!
Sisters.....oh my that is a whole other post. I love my sisters.
Blessed beyond measure...

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