Tuesday, November 19, 2013

50th Anniversary Party Decor

Cupcakes...all good parties must have cupcakes. 

Mason jar + water beads + water + vintage record + flowers =


Record + tortilla shell bowl + really hot oven + melting = bowl
The record bowls on tables with popcorn, M&M's, and nuts.  

Memorabilia from the early 60's plus family photos. This book on 1963 I found on Amazon.

My mothers wedding dress and my dad's army uniform. My mom found the price tag still on the dress when she pulled it out. It was something like $16.00. 

More pictures on display, a bouquet of my mothers favorite flowers in a crystal vase that was etched with their anniversary on it. 

Records hanging from the ceiling.

A slushie machine...because what is more fun than talking to people with blue teeth and lips? Plus, it was really really hot that day, so it was a perfect cold treat!

Signs welcoming people at the entrance

I also found a deck of 1963 trivia cards on Amazon...I took them to a local print shop and had them blown up...they were hanging through out the lodge.

A photo is a great alternative to a guest book! In our case we still had a traditional guest book for people to sign as well...

However this book with a copy of the guests pictures glued in and a special message they have written...
Is a priceless treasure that my parents will savor forever!
I can not tell you the importance of hiring a professional D.J. service for your functions. A good D.J. can make or break a party! Hire A Special Even DJ Service for your next function! They also have the photo booths and many other amenities you can add to your party experience! You will quickly find that your DJ will be a wealth of information for all the other areas of your party that you need to hire...from catering to decorating...to what gets a party going to what kills a party!

Transform...turn your food area into a themed part of the party! Sugar Shack is a song from the era of this party....and family members had fun making the sign! 
Remember to have a place for cards! Even if you specify "no gifts" on a party invite, there will inevitably be some gift givers, make sure you have a space designated for them.
Take the party outside! Consider your crowd...if you know you are going to have a lot of energetic youth...set up areas outside for them to run off that energy...and the sugar from the slushie machine. :) We had volleyball and bean bag toss games...as well as plenty of room to run!
Professional musicians...hire them! Ok...well....these aren't professionals...but this picture shows you just how hard these boys partied! They had more cupcakes and sugar in one day than they do an entire year!

Lastly...hire a photographer to take your candid photos! A lot of time was spent on the details of this party...and a couple hundred people I hadn't seen in years...because I hired a photographer to go around and capture the people and details of the party..I was not stuck behind my phone or camera. Plus...they were good pictures! For this type of photo assignment, finding a photographer that will give you the rights to the pictures and a flash drive with the pictures is ideal! Our photographer happens to also be family...double plus!

 Thank you to all of our family and friends who made this once in a lifetime event a memory we will always cherish!


  1. Aww...love this post! Such a fun day! Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. You sure do put on a great party Janelle!

  3. Oh my goodness! This 50th Anniversary Party Décor looks outstanding. Everything is extremely inspirational for me. Actually I also want to throw such a bash for my parents and you have helped me a lot with the decorations. Now I would be finding suitable indoor LA venue within my budget.

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