Friday, November 22, 2013

Caught in the act...

I don't blame him really...I mean it is AE MilkNog. Comes out once a year. We drink AE and AE only...usually 2% milk...what we really love is whole milk but we have cut down to 2%. Do you know that we go through a gallon of milk every other day in this house? With 4 boys and a husband we are hurting when we run out. What is MilkNog...well it is half milk half egg nog. Not as thick as their original yummy egg nog and not as many calories. 

We love AE so much that I have packed a cooler with AE Party Dip and taken it to Nashville with me for a friend who had moved away...and last Christmas season we shipped Egg Nog to Wisconsin for someone else who was missing their little slice of AE heaven. 

Now would be a good time to mention that I am not being paid or compensated in any way to tell you these things. This moment with our little 2-1/2 year old Harrison...really just captures a true piece of our house...oh and it captures that mommy is completely whipped right now with pneumonia and too sick to run after him every single time he opens the fridge. Do you know that we have a "child-proof lock" on our that he not only knows how to unlock...but how to neatly lock the door again after he is done with his food scavenging...

Life with 4 boys (yes I said 4...we had a 10 year old come live with us 2 weeks ago...not sure of his length of stay at this time) and a husband life is interesting here. They have been taking good care of me while sick...truly feel like the queen of the house right now on my throne aka bed. I am ready to cast my throne aside soon though and get out of the house! 

Now...who wants to bring me more Milk Nog???

How about you? What is your favorite seasonal food or drink that only comes out once a year?

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