Saturday, November 16, 2013

Free Like the Falling Leaves

Did you know that the leaves of a Gingko tree all fall at the same time? And that if you catch it in the process it is like watching rain fall. It is so beautiful! If you follow me on instagram you can see a video of the process (@queenofthehouseofboys) The next day the boys got to enjoy those leaves more by piling them up and jumping in them! Oh to be free like a child jumping in leaves again!

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to raise these boys...and for entrusting them in our care while we are here in our temporary home on earth! How I can not wait to be in my heavenly home with you! And be free like the falling leaves of a tree everyday...where my only duties daily are to worship and love you...where there is no darkness.....only FREEDOM!

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