Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gia the Glamper {Reveal}

Remember this summer when we picked up a 1980's camper for $500?? Go here for the before pictures. It was full of this wonderful paneling, retro wallpaper and brown brown and more brown. I wanted something fresh and clean feeling. Because let's face it...sometimes camping doesn't feel clean. All those campfires and being outdoors...portable potties....and all the other joys. Wait...does it sound like I love camping? I like it...but I would say I love it. I am really more of a Glamper so...I dove it.

 The outside will get fresh paint in the spring....I can't wait to see that transformation!

Before I got started I turned to some place I usually don't turn...Pinterest. I will be honest that I do not like getting ideas from Pinterest...because I like my ideas to be original....and I will think I have an original idea....get on there and see 1,000 people that have had similar I don't go there much. However this time, I went ahead. Here is my inspiration board
I was originally going to go towards my signature turquoise and hot pink colors...but I felt like I should step out of my normal box. I still love chevron print, but I being pulled towards polka dots right now! Love love love! I gathered fabrics, and also went to the salvation army and found shirts in these colors and cut up a bazillion little triangles to make these swags for all of the windows. The triangles were staple gunned up...then I covered the tops with ribbon and used upholstery tacks to finish it off. I love the way it turned out!
I painted the dining room table black. I don't know that I am finished with it yet. I may decoupage the top and I need to finish it off with some polyurethane. The cool thing about these cushions is that while the one side is this hideous retro brown...the other side is a creamy pleather...just flip the cushions and no need for new covers!  

My brother-in-law Jerred gets all the kudos for painting. He spent a few back breaking days in there painting everything white! While I worked on fabric and painting all of the cabinet doors red. Fresh! Clean! 

I haven't done anything special with the bathroom aside from deep cleaning, painting everything white and getting a new shower curtain. It is sooo small that it is really hard to get a good picture!

I found a vintage lacy apron at the Salvation army and hung it above the kitchen sink!

Kettle...another Salvation army find!
A friend who knew I was doing this project picked up this cute little set for me! 

I ventured into a cute shop and found these 3 items. I hot glued them down so they don't shift during travel!

This sofa is almost finished! I need get a black sheet to cover the main part of the sofa-bed. The foot board was upholstered..but the actual cushion area does not come off without major dismantling...and I am all about simplifying these days so I am going with putting a simple fitted sheet over it!

The cabinets above the sofa actually fold down and it is a bunk bed! our first camping excursion our 5 year old fell out and landed on my head! Ouch! For both of us. Reminds me of my cousin Tab who fell out of the top bunk when we were camping with our grandparents and she fell on their heads!

This pillow is made from a blazer I found at the Salvation army! I LOVE how it turned out! Compliments of my well...have I mentioned I have an amazingly talented mother? 

the little red pillow was made from another shirt. 

If you search #GiatheGlamper on Instagram you will find more pictures of the process of this project! You will also find me...and I would LOVE to follow you on Instagram! @Queenofthehouseofboys

I have always wanted to build a guest house on our property, and I have not given up on that dream of a little cottage/art studio...but for now...this has turned into our guest house. In fact guest have slept in Gia the Glamper more that we have! Campers can be comfortable as long as you have it on level ground, foam pads and a slew of blankets!

So who is our next guest? Come on over...its heated!

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