Monday, January 6, 2014

Feeling the Shift {Life: Simplified Project}

It started about 2 years ago...I could feel the shift of change in my mind when it comes to my home and decor. In April of 2011 we moved from our little 980 square foot home in town, to a spacious home in the country approximately 4 times the size of the prior home. To begin...we didn't have enough furniture to fill the home. So my shopping addictions began...I have always had a hint of an addiction...but if there is anything I love to shop for more...beautiful things for my home would be my favorite...WAY above shopping for clothes. Decorating is a sickness for me. So...we got this home and I finally had room to explore all things decor. There wasn't a surface untouched...the center of the kitchen island had a beautiful ever-changing arrangement...the dining room table which we now get to keep both leaves in...always decorated.

However, 13 days after moving into our home...our youngest son Harrison was born. The beginning was somewhat easy as he was a newborn that was most always in my arms being nursed...but then he got on the move. One of the major differences of having a big house verses a small house...aside from the quadrupled amounts of that due to the glorious open concept of our home...there is no way to baby gate and confine the new little one to a controlled section. Where as our previous home had a gate that separated our little ones ability to reach half of the house. Commence constant running and cleaning up after of the 3rd son...while also running after and cleaning up after of the 2nd born who was just 3. Wowza!

The beautiful little nick-knacks and decor have become increasingly hard to maintain. I remember when the shift started to change. We traveled to Colorado and stayed with some friends. Their house is granted there are no children that live in the home so the ability to keep clutter at bay is a much easier task to accomplish. I remember her beautiful kitchen specifically. She was a stickler about no clutter! The kitchen island was bare. The dishes and food were all taken care of after every meal. I remember feeling like my creative mind was actually increasing in this environment. So, when I came home...the decor on the kitchen island was removed...once in a while something will creep back on there...but I never like it there always feel so much better when it is clear!

 The dining room table still finds decor as well...more often than the island...but I am finding myself leaving it clear more and more.
 Just last week a posted a picture on Instagram (do you follow me? @queenofthehouseofboys) of this picture collage and how I was ready to change out the fabrics.

So, I took them so that I could begin the process. However I knew I didn't have time right now so to the basement they went...and now my wall looks like this. Somehow...its like a breath of fresh air to restart and go back to clear walls. I am sure I won't leave it this way forever...but for right makes me happy. The Nester {Don't go to her link until you have finished reading mine...pretty please...because you will get lost in the beautiful and you will forget to come back} posted awhile back about removing all of the little nick-knacks and extra decor from her home for a month. She moved them all to a guest room and closed the door. As soon as I read this, my heart went pitter-patter because the thought of simple and easy to manage was a great feeling!
{Farmhouse table, old crate, and a vintage trunk for our entertainment center}
 Another change happened awhile back. I have this beautiful big window in our great room..I used to line the top of the window sill with a mix of colored and vintage glassware. It was fun for a season and the light that shone through them was pretty...but again...I was desiring something more simple.
So I removed it all...
I like it....makes me breath easy. However after removing all of the had to go I threw it in a cabinet that was already jam packed.

 Then this past fall I did the unthinkable...I sold all but 4 pieces. This was kind of a big deal for me. These were prized possessions. They adorned mantels and tables and windows often....but it is just more "stuff" to manage.

So...this was the beginning...the beginning of "less is more" living. Every journey has a beginning. What will be yours? Do you let life own you...or will you take charge and own it?

I sent out the following tweet just last week:

THIS scenario has been my reality far too often in my life. I am so beyond ready for a life that is simplified!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the freedom that comes with little clutter. I read an article on decorating a few months and the author wrote about how if you fill a wall with a bunch of pictures your eyes/brain processes it as one unit. You don't see the individual images/pictures. But if you empty the wall of only one or two pictures then your brain can see them and really enjoy looking at them. I've applied that to other areas - table tops, dressers, and cabinets. I want to see the items I truly treasure, not be distracted by a bunch of doodads.

    I'm really excited about this project. Can't wait to see what comes of it!