Monday, July 21, 2014

He didn't hesitate, He took the fall

Reflections from leading praise and worship at church Sunday...

This past Saturday I took a fall. On hard pavement in the parking lot of my store. Somehow in that fall I managed to jam my right knee, twist every bone and ligament in my left ankle, and ultimately caught myself with my wrists just inches before landing on my belly...that 32 week pregnant belly. I was stunned and hurt. This old body is sore...but I am still feeling blessed because my baby is active as ever as my reflexes kicked in to protect my unborn child.

As we were singing our last praise and worship song this past Sunday...this reflection hit me.

I was reminiscing on my recent fall...and then I remembered this scar I have on the back of my left wrist where I was carrying my baby (who will be turning 16 in just a couple of weeks) years ago. We were just about to the door of my apartment on the square when my ankle twisted and I fell. I landed on the back of that wrist...because his head was in the palm of my hand. I sacrificed my flesh to protect his.

Then the thoughts parents...and general human beings we have natural reactions to protect others. Most of you have probably been in a car at least once when you had to come to an abrupt stop...and you or someone else throws their arm out to protect someone else from hitting the dash. Or we leap across the room as we see our child about to tumble out of a chair onto the ground. The reactions are natural.

When Jesus was on the cross for us...I am so glad he wasn't up there making a pros and cons list of why He should or shouldn't sacrifice His life for us. He knew that as our Father...He was going to do whatever it took to save His children. Children that might not even grow up to love Him. Children that may someday turn their backs on Him and never look back. Children that devoted their lives to praising Him. For each and every one of us...yes...even you who don't believe. You may not believe...but He didn't contemplate that when He made the decision to take the fall for us. So that we might have a chance at everlasting life in Heaven with us.

A reflection that is almost so big that we can't even fathom the fact that someone would sacrifice their life for us...however during a simple moment of using our own life to protect someone else out of a natural reaction...we can get a tiny glimpse of the ultimate sacrifice that our Savior made.

He took the fall...and thought of me...above all.

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  1. I am so happy you shared this here and in the Raising Warriors home so i would see it! Your words made me cry, and i still have little puddles streaming down my cheeks as I comment. It's amazing how far we will go for our children, you bring up an amazing point though when you say that we will reach across the car because sooo many people risk their lives or severe injury in order to save ours, firefighters, police, paramedics, people serving our countries and the list goes on. I am so thankful for the reminder that JESUS took the nail, wears the scars so that you and I have the opportunity to be saved!! What a miracle! You are such a blessing and I am so happy your little one is okay. I pray that your injuries heal quickly, i know ligaments being pulled can take awhile and be painful. I will pray over you that by His stripes you are healed! ((hugs)) to you friend.