Tuesday, September 16, 2014

World Traveler Nursery

 This summer our house went through a major nesting decluttering cleanse. With our 4th son to arrive at the end of summer we had to do a whole room switcharoo with our kids. Our teenager went to the basement, our 5 and 3 year old went to the teenagers old room down the hall...and the bedroom next to ours has become the nursery. I didn't want to spend a whole lot on decor and really tried to use what I had. The transformation started with new paint colors which 2 friends painted for me.
 The theme idea came to me when I remembered these business cards that we have that belonged to my husbands great grandfather...who was a self declared world traveler. He carried the cards with him and handed them out.
 The map was free. I rescued it as it was on its way to the local dump from one of our schools. It is still on the reel and everything. Vintage and gorgeous colors!
 Route 66 signs from my husbands other grandfather. "No Loose Scarves" sign is from the ski resort which my family owned and ran that was started by my grandfather. "Flying Lessons" sign I bought from Amazon and had it previously hanging in our little boys' room when we first moved into this house.

The two wire baskets on either side are from Chip & Joanna Gaines store Magnolia Farms. They are vintage locker baskets in green. They work perfectly for babies diapers and other changing table accessories.

 I purchased new hardware from Hobby Lobby for the changing table to spice it up a a bit.
A metal basket that I purchased with our second son and painted the word "Toys" on the side. For now it contains the toys that are baby safe. Along with the basket I have a cd player to play lullaby music, stuffed animals that my other boys picked out for Sawyer, a turtle house that River made for Sawyer...that he is very proud of.

Vintage style motorcycle and train that I purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby 3 + years ago. Soapstone figurines from Africa that my husband bought on his last trip. Little globe that was on sale at World Market, and vintage blocks spelling his name.
Here is the business card framed that belonged to Sawyer's Great Great Grandpa.

Another Route 66 sign from Sawyer's other great Grandpa.
Glider rocker purchased 6 years ago, wooden side table made by our oldest son in shop class his Freshman year. Turtle lamp purchased 6 years ago for our 2nd son.
Vintage style airplanes from Hobby Lobby 3+ year ago on sale. Signs from Amazon.com

Used crib purchased from a local Facebook swap group. Two vintage globes deconstructed off of their stands and uniquely hung as a mobile using extra large crochet knitting needles, antique wooden sewing spindles, jute rope and hot glue!
New sheet purchased off of Amazon. Bed skirt and decorative pillows purchased with our 2nd sons bedroom set.

These globes are quite possibly my favorite thing in the room.

A closet bursting at the seams with baby clothes. This is what happens when you have 4 sons and you don't get rid of any of their clothing. PLUS we had a friend just give us 2 big boxes! I can't wait to start giving these to friends soon after he has grown out of them!
All other sizes of clothes sorted and ready to pull out when needed.
Probably one of the smartest things I have done...when our 2 middle sons shared this room our 3rd son would get into the closet and tear everything off of the hangers and make the biggest messes. Adding a little hook latch saved me so much work! We added one to our pantry doors as well.

And that's a wrap! Our World Traveler inspired baby nursery. All done on a slim budget and reusing mostly items we already had.

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