Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Write 31 Days} This Too Shall Pass

*This article is my 2nd post in the “Write 31 Days” Challenge that I have joined. My subject is “The Refined Homemaker” to read and understand what that means to me, go to my first post here. Thanks for stopping by!*

One of the hardest things in parenting is getting through the tough seasons. I am sure the definition of “tough” is different for everyone. Whether it is a child who just won’t potty train no matter what method you try or a round of back to back teething causing sleepless nights and an inconsolable babe.

One thing I was shown, I believe as a means of hope…is that everything is just a season. From the newborn stage, to the toddlers, elementary, even high-school….remember I am raising all 4 at the same time. 

This past winter and spring when I was going through the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy with extreme all day nausea…I remember begging God to let my 3 year old please sit down and watch a movie. Up until that point he wanted nothing to do with TV. He is my busy bee…always on the go and into everything. If there is something to destroy, he will find it. I know that many people don’t even let their kids watch but a couple TV shows a week…but I was willing to do anything to get him to just sit still because everything made me sick. Then one day it happened. Just like that…he wanted to watch tv. Amen! 

With the high-schooler there were wrestling practices and after school programs, or a sporting event that he wanted to attend…and with other children to suit up an tow with you….all of those in and out trips can add up…those times seem long…but you know what? It is just a season…now he is 16 and has his own license. At this moment I only have to load up the little ones once a day to pick our kindergartner up from school.

With our kindergartner, there were nights where he would get up out of bed 10 or more times for just one more of something. Those nights were insane. The first few times are cute…the last 7 times can be maddening. Then…all of the sudden he is our boy who follows his night routine to a T. He needs some occasional reminders…but for the most part he listens. 

On those days or middle of the nights when the particular season seems long…take a deep breath in…exhale…and remember this too shall pass. 

Trust me, since I have the unique perspective of raising a 16 year old and a newborn at the same time…you will miss even the tough seasons when they have passed. You have probably even had complete strangers stop you at the grocery store to tell you how cute your kids are and to “treasure this time it goes quickly”. While completely agreeing with them you may want to roll your eyes as you think to yourself…just because I am frustrated in this moment…doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what I have! It just means that mommy needs to take a hot bath and re-group. 

What season am I in right now? The one where from 3:30 to 6:00 every week day all 4 boys need my attention at the same time. Since one of those boys needs involve me having my rear planted in a chair nursing…the sound decibels in this house are raised to a very high number. This season doesn’t reflect anything that the boys are doing that is wrong, but rather that I have a whole new set of needs to cater to…and I have not found my groove yet in a routine. One of the things I hope to refine during this 31 days of writing is planning a schedule. Shhh…don’t read that too loud, my husband might hear you and hold me to it.
How about you? What are the tough areas that are in your current season?

Now…if you will excuse me…I need to go find my Magic Eraser to clean this beautiful owl my son artfully drew on our furniture. 

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