Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sawyer's Monthly Cuteness

When I took the first photo I didn't realize this was going to become a "thing", but by the second photo it had officially become just that. As a mother of all boys, there is a bit of nostalgia as I set up my baby next to my babies from my childhood. Playing house was my favorite thing ever. Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbie's, etc...I loved it. Now I get to live it every day.
On August 29th, 3 weeks early, Sawyer was born at 6 pounds 7 ounces. He quickly lost weight and was 5 pounds 14 ounces the day we went home. Just 1 ounce above the weight that he would have had to stay in the hospital longer. So for the next 4 weeks we nursed a lot. Finally at just a few days shy of his first month he was back up to his birth weight. We never supplemented once through it and he is perfectly fine.
2 weeks old
5 pounds 13 ounces
1 month old
6 pounds 7.5 ounces
Umbilical cord came off on September 22nd.
Still wearing preemie clothing.

2 months old
10 pounds 3 ounces
22.5 inches long
At week 5 Sawyer started intentionally smiling.
On October 4th our church ladies threw a surprise baby shower for us!
At 6 weeks we took our first vacation with Grandpa Bryan and Harrison to Aunt Mindy's in Ohio. Sawyer was a complete dream in the car both ways.
On October 26th Sawyer was dedicated to the Lord at Christian Life Church by Grandpa Bryan. I sang him a special song called A Mother's Prayer.

3 months old
12 pounds 2 ounces
Cousin Bella Rose was born November 2nd!
At week 12 you started babbling a lot more.
You enjoyed your first Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Bryan's house in Oskaloosa. You were a hit!

4 months old
13.4 pounds, gaining slowly but surely!
24.5 inches long
On December 10th you rolled from your tummy to your back.
You started tagging along with mommy to all of Xavier's wrestling tournaments. You are a complete dream and never cry. You pooped on Uncle Tim in Bondurant the first time he met you, but he didn't care because he was smitten.
5 months old
You are 16 pounds even.
First of the month you really started grabbing things that you want. You REALLY love mommy's long hair!
Speaking of hair, you have lost quite a bit of your baby hair and have a fuzz all over now from new growth. You have a few long hairs left in the back and on the top of your head. You have the most unique hair line in the front. Different from any of your parents or siblings. It has also gotten a lot lighter.
On January 17th we heard your first full belly giggle at Aunt Becky! You are still very selective on when you will let your giggle go. You love to be tickled but you just won't let the giggle release. You smile really hard, hold your breath, and suppress it.
You aren't rolling over very much yet, but then again you are barely ever put down because everyone loves you so much! You love your play mat. You have been a hand chewer since the beginning and life to gnaw on your thumb the most.
Your are the apple to your 3 brothers eyes. Xavier is busy but when he gets ahold of you he melts. You light up whenever any of your brothers are around. River runs to the van every day from school and goes immediately to see you in the car seat. You absolutely love it. Harrison loves you a smothering in your face kind of way. We can't turn our backs much when Harrison is around you...especially since he tried to pull you through the railing of your crib. Just a little bump on the head...but you survived. I am sorry to say that I am sure this will not be the last of your brother induced bonks.
Sawyer, it is so much fun to watch you grow! I can't wait to see who you are and where your place is in this family. How your disposition will interact with your brothers and what adventures lie ahead for you. However, if you could slow down just a tad, I would really appreciate it.
Love, Mom

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