Friday, March 20, 2015

Laundry Room Triumph

I would be kidding myself if I didn't say that I feel like I deserve a medal at this very moment for my laundry room. You see. I am a habitual procrastinator. Combine this with being a creative decorating minded person and you have piles and piles of laundry. It is always the first household task that I forgo in the midst of busy life, and getting caught in other projects. We have just returned from spring break vacation. Prior to leaving we spent 2 days doing nothing but laundry. Before we left all the laundry was completely done. To commemorate this joyous occasion I took pictures. To celebrate even more I am blogging this to ensure the event does not go undocumented. That would just be a waste of a good thing. Without further is my laundry room:
The entrance

Lockers from a friend of mine who owns a store called Affected Interiors. They just had their grand opening this past Saturday. The lockers house all of our cleaning supplies, trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Plus side if you have little kids and want a safe way to keep cleaning supplies out of harms can put a padlock on any of the doors. I bought these lockers from them in raw original form. However, they usually refinish their lockers in beautiful fresh colors!

My message center used to be in my kitchen. On a decorating challenge from a group that I am a contributing administrator for, we were challenged to move some furniture around. piece of furniture being moved usually starts a snowball effect in this house. I believe 5 area of my home were affected due to the moving of 1 piece of furniture. My Mid-Century Modern hutch is now in my kitchen, and my message center (aka paper piles) have been moved to this little area in my laundry room. I love it here as it is out of the way and I don't have to stare at all that paper.

Our sock organization system. The system works great when all of the socks are matched and put away.

A little craft project I did a couple of years ago. I love it when my laundry is sorted in all the right baskets. Which is rare. I do live with 5 boys.

This ladder rack is something I made and had used at my store for display. When I closed my store it was one item I couldn't bring myself to liquidate. It make a great drying rack.
Vintage ladder and vintage wrought iron corbel.

Our laundry room has great storage above the washer and dryer. However it is too high and too hard to get to above the machines, so I don't use them for every day items. We added the shelf on the right and the hanging bar when we renovated our home. The shelf above houses our extra booster seats and cleaning buckets. 

The color of the room was a mistake. It was suppose to be the same custom color that I created for our master bedroom which the paint company called "Aqua tint". However the day I showed up to the house and saw this I was in a bit of shock. It is true, pure Aqua. It was an accident, but it couldn't have been more right for the room. Our laundry room is small and narrow, this bright, clean, and happy color is just the refreshing color needed amongst piles of dirty laundry.

To the left is our list of house projects/fixes that need to be done. A list that is always kept up. I love to cross those items off!
My favorite part of the room is the growth chart on the back of the door. I now have to stand on a step stool to measure our oldest son who is 5'10".
So there you have it. A once in a lifetime event. If you happen to stop by on a random day, don't expect a tour of this room. I will non-chalantly point in the direction of the room and say "oh...and over there is the laundry room".

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