The Queen's Shop!

The Queen of the House of Boys has an etsy shop! Go to Mama's Happy Space and you will find Handmade Aprons, Doll clothing that fits American Girl dolls, chevron handbags and children's Super Hero capes!

The Queen also has a retail store! Located in Grinnell, Iowa. Go to the Mama's Happy Space Facebook page for updates on store openings!

At Mama's Happy Space you will find home decor, vintage finds, re-purposed creations, jewelry, handbags, fancy handmade aprons, Doll clothing that fits American Girl dolls, and children's super hero capes!

Mama's Happy Space is an occasional store, open one weekend a month or by appointment. The rest of the month we spend shopping, picking, creating, and re-stocking our store!

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Are you a representative for a direct sales business, or have your own handmade products?
Have you been asked to host a show but don't wish to have it at your house?
Mama's Happy Space can also be used to host your selling parties!

email at for additional information

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