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Yes...I did it! I announced my weight to the world! I still can't believe I did it. And don't worry...I am not one of those people that does a post about how they really need to get on the weight loss train because they are "overweight"...and then you read the post and you see a picture of their scale that reads 109 pounds. Pfff! Please! I started journaling about my weight at 243.6 pounds in November of 2009. When I was really active and motivated I got down to 218. A series of events this winter and spring has brought me back up to 228.4 as of Today (7/28/10). If you would like to read about my very freeing journey of publishing my weight to the world, you can follow along from the beginning here.

In addition there are 8.2 pounds lost before starting to use MyFitnessPal.com
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